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Petrina Pope's Spring Newsletter
Hello to all the Fabulous Showmen:

I hope this letter finds you all in good health and HAPPINESS. We have been on the road since we left Gibtown, and it has been BUSY. The weather has been good some days, rainy some days and we have even had snow a couple of days! But , even with the crazy weather the numbers have been good. We are , of course, struggling for employees, but that seems the new normal.

Now on to St. Louis business...

We need to make sure we ask everyone for memberships and we need more SPONSORS for Scholarships. 2020 hit us hard with no fundraising (thanks to Jennifer Walsh for keeping us level) however, we need to kick up the fundraising. We need to sell our tickets. We need to talk our AMAZING CLUB UP!! We are such a good group of Showmen who do so much good for the college kids. We are sending out the tickets early to see if that helps. If you need more PLEASE do not hesitate to let me know.

If anyone needs any information please call or message anyone of the board. My number is (731) 694-5541 and my husband James Roy's number is (813) 230-2069.

Remember jamborees are a good way to make money for the club and it gets your employees involved. We are planning a FIRST TIME EVER Jamboree this week with Casey's Rides in Benton, KY. So, I will wrap it up by saying THANK YOU for being so GENEROUS and supportive of this WONDERFUL club. #1 Ask and sign up new members (the application is at SLASTLOUIS.ORG ) #2 Sell these tickets and ask for more #3 Ask about being a yearly Sponsor for a Scholarship The sponsorships can be a memorial or in honor of an amazing person, show, company or family) THANK Y'ALL for letting me be President and Chair the Scholarship Program.

Petrina Pope
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